CSST Update

The final and most significant project of the Ottawa River Action Plan is getting underway. The construction of the Combined Sewer Storage Tunnel (CSST) under the downtown will ultimately improve the health of the Ottawa River by significantly reducing the number of sewage overflows into the river during heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, the tunnel project will cause disruption in the area of Stanley Park, the location for the eastern construction outlet (portal).  

I have been working with City staff for a number of months to find ways to establish pathway detours, ensure safety and minimize the noise and inconvenience caused by the work and associated truck movements. While much of the project in and around Stanley Park will only commence in 2017, some initial work to prepare hydro access will occur this autumn. I am working with staff to ensure information is sent to residents by mail and will be shared via signage in the community. Updates will also be made available on the project website.

The hydro access work will start the week of Sept. 26 on the north/east sidewalk of Crichton Street, from Electric Street to Dufferin Road, and continue on both sides of Stanley Avenue between Crichton Street and the parking lot beyond the fieldhouse. Construction activities will temporarily prevent homeowners along this alignment from accessing their driveways. I have been informed that each person's driveway will be impacted at some time during the construction and that the contractor will work with residents where possible to coordinate access. Daytime noise and disruption (within the noise by-law) can also be expected as heavy equipment will be used on site. I appreciate the difficulty that this may cause for residents in the area. 

I invite you to hear more about the CSST project at a public information session with city staff that will be held following the New Edinburgh Community Alliance Annual General Meeting.

When: Oct. 27, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: St. Bartholomew’s Church, 125 MacKay St.

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