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Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: Here's the link between the health of democracy and the LRT delay

Published by the Ottawa Citizen Feb. 9, 2018

By Tobi Nussbaum

This week’s developments on the light-rail transit file have left me pondering questions about core roles and responsibilities in our democratic system.

Much ink has been spilled about the $1 million penalty that many residents and councillors, including me, had understood to be in play the minute the handover date moved beyond May 24, 2018.

It turns out the project agreement actually provided the contractor the ability to push the handover date as far back as a year later – with no penalty.

Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: How to build public support for urban intensification

You could not be faulted for approaching the new Minto building at the western gateway of Beechwood Avenue with excited anticipation. After a fire devastated the previous structure in 2011, reducing apartments and beloved shops to ash, the sad and barren site sat boarded up until 2015, when construction began on a nine-storey, mixed-use building... More | Plus

Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: How to make people care about heritage buildings

As Ottawa played host to the 2017 Ontario Heritage Conference last weekend, I have been reflecting on the key questions of heritage conservation.

How is the public interest served by promoting and protecting heritage buildings? How do we balance the public benefit with the rights of property owners? What constitutes heritage and who gets to define it – the broader community, elected officials, heritage planners and experts? Read More >>

Ottawa Citizen >> McKenney and Nussbaum: Three questions about the central library's proposed site

The prospect of a new central public library in our city is an exciting one. Successful central libraries offer citizens a one-stop shop of diverse civic and cultural life. Across the country, new libraries have breathed additional life into downtown cores, from Vancouver to Halifax. In that context, the recommendation to move Ottawa’s new Central Library from the downtown core to the edge of LeBreton Flats raises important questions that Ottawa residents need to consider before the Ottawa Library Board convenes at the end of January. Here are three questions worth asking.

Ottawa Citizen >> Leiper and Nussbaum: Cities should have planning powers, not the Ontario Municipal Board

Published Nov. 20, 2016 >> One of the most important jobs entrusted to city council is the task of planning our growth. Where should growth happen? Is it appropriate for the context? Can it be supported from the perspectives of social services, transit, parks and other city services? When residents cast their ballots, they’re choosing what kind of city in which they want to live.

Let's dispel two policy myths that hinder the public's safety

Along with legends, fairy tales and fables, myths are a great way to teach and learn values. But the other kind of myths – beliefs not grounded in fact – can be politically treacherous, especially when widely held by many or deeply felt by a vocal few. Yet dispelling myths that frustrate the public interest is a necessary aspect of political leadership, which is about to be tested by two proposals coming soon to City Hall.


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