Tobi Talks - July 2017
Tobi vous jase - juillet 2017
My thoughts on the change to Route #1
mes pensées sur le changement pour conduire #1
Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: How to make people care about heritage buildings
My thoughts on Heritage and Placemaking
Manor Park Street Mural
See photos of the painting event
Tobi at Overbrook Day
My key priorities
Mes priorités principales

Updated CSST project schedule

The CSST team has now provided an updated schedule of upcoming construction works, broken down by month. This schedule is an update to the initial construction sequencing document that the CSST team put out earlier this year and it will be updated every two weeks moving forward. Learn more >>


My thoughts on council's vote against demolition at 270 Buchan Rd.

On May 24 2017, City Council voted against demolishing the heritage designated property at 270 Buchan. This was an important decision that respected the Rockcliffe Heritage Conservation Plan. Read more >>


News and Events | Nouvelles et événements

New Edinburgh Park Playground Redevelopment / Réaménagement du terrain de jeux du parc New Edinburgh The construction underway here is a major community partnership project between the Crichton... More  |  Plus
Stanley Avenue safety improvements and New Edinburgh Playground construction New Edinburgh playground improvements The New Edinburgh playground renewal is set to begin the... More  |  Plus
Ogilvie Road Proposed Multi-Use Pathway / Sentier polyvalent proposé sur le chemin Ogilvie For residents who cycle east to destinations such as Gloucester High School, you may be interested... More  |  Plus
Safer Transportation on Donald Street / Circulation plus sécuritaire sur la rue Donald During consultations on the draft plans to add cycling lanes onto McArthur Avenue, residents... More  |  Plus
Ottawa East News >> Input wanted for Cummings Park revitalization
Cummings Park is getting an update and before the plans are made, the councillor wants to hear from... More  |  Plus
Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: How to make people care about heritage buildings
As Ottawa played host to the 2017 Ontario Heritage Conference last weekend, I have been reflecting... More  |  Plus
East Feast 2017 - Le Festin de l'Est 2017
The First Annual East Feast in September 2016 was an overwhelming success! There was plenty of entertainment for event goers to enjoy, and it was a fantastic... More  |  Plus
Summer Camps in Rockcliffe Park!
A few spots are still open for some camps at Rockliffe Park Community Centre! The camps provide imaginative themes and a host of fun activities, Mon - Fri 8am -... More  |  Plus

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