Tobi Talks - March 2018
Tobi vous jase - mars 2018
Flood Mitigation Information Session
Monday, March 19 in New Edinburgh
Community Safety for the Present & Future
Join the discussion on March 22 in Overbrook
Celebrating Art to Brighten Up Beechwood
Murals by winning artist Barbara Verner unveiled
Tobi at Overbrook Day
My key priorities
Mes priorités principales

Have your say about the R4 Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal

The City of Ottawa has been reviewing the R4 family of zones. There are several of these types of zones across Rideau-Rockliffe Ward and residents in these areas have noted issues, such as over intensification, excessive bedrooms per unit, and failure to fit within the established community. The City now as a proposed set of improvements to the R4 zones and would like your feedback. Click here to find out more >>

Op-Ed: Here's the link between the health of democracy and the LRT delay

Read Tobi's op-ed for the Ottawa Citizen about recent developments on the light-rail transit file have prompted questions about core roles and responsibilities in our democratic system. Read more>>

News and Events | Nouvelles et événements

Borthwick, Gardenvale and Quebec Road Construction Design Meeting March 21 The City of Ottawa invites you to attend an open house to discuss a road rehabilitation project... More  |  Plus
Have your say about the R4 Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal Since January 2016, the City of Ottawa has been reviewing the R4 family of zones. There are several... More  |  Plus
Flood Mitigation Information Session March 19 You are invited to attend a public information session on flood mitigation, hosted by Councillor... More  |  Plus
Mature Neighbourhoods Zoning Overlay Public Meeting April 3 You are invited to attend a meeting with Zoning and Interpretation Staff to learn about the... More  |  Plus
Ottawa Citizen >> Nussbaum: Here's the link between the health of democracy and the LRT delay
Published by the Ottawa Citizen Feb. 9, 2018By Tobi NussbaumThis week’s developments on the light-... More  |  Plus
CBC >> Ottawa city councillors want clarity around LRT contract
Posted Feb. 8, 2018Coun. Tobi Nussbaum said he was also taken aback to learn that RTG... More  |  Plus
Carnival Overbrook
Enjoy a Family Day Carnival - a day filled with fun activities, hot beverages and maple taffy! Come to the Overbrook Community Center on Monday, Feb. 19... More  |  Plus
Ottawa Paramedics Health and Wellness Clinic - Feb. 9
Ottawa's community Paramedics will join us for a Health and Wellness Clinic at the St-Laurent Complex on Friday, Feb. 9 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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